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Hygiene and Cleaners

Hygiene and Cleaners            


"Florida Gardens" - A variety of edibles for daily household consumption as well as industrial use.



"Choice of Italy" (Italy) - Barilla presents products such as, all semolina pastas, the specialties of La Collezione, the sauces, and exquisite biscuits.



"Everything you need to know about Olive Oil" (Spain) - Borges has been preparing the best Mediterranean oil for over 100 years. From the dense, green Extra Virgin Olive Oil to the clear, light hay colour of Extra Light Olive Oil, each has its own unique taste that will enhance your cooking.




"Eat healthy, think better" (India)- A reputed global brand leader of biscuits  and cookies.  



"Promoting the exquiste taste of India" (India) - Internationally renowned for a variety of authentic Indian snacks, homestyle biscuits, Indian sweets and Ready-to-eat meals.




From the Land of Spices (India) - A  prestigious brand name with an extensive range of Indian spices, pickles, pastes and chutneys.


     KEROR   (France)  -  A wide variety of sparkling juices.