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OBTC Heritage-Foodstuff,Grocerey,Disposables,Houseware,Glassware,Plasticware Company

Launched in 1974, Al Othman and Al Bisher Trading Co. stands with a strong and successful heritage of more than 45 years.


1974 - OBTC formed by two young Kuwaitis, with a general trading license.


1976 - Sahanis joined as managing partners, thats when OBTC started as a foodstuff and grocery company.


1979 - OBTC had already been recognized as one of the leading importers and distributors for processed foods, frozen and delicatessens.


1981 - OBTC launched for the first time in the Kuwaiti market, the concept of using disposable products, domestically and commercially.


1986 - OBTC dissolved its frozen food division and experimented in the household arena.


1987 - Succeeded in acquiring a major brand name in house ware. After which the saga began.   


1990 - Kuwait was invaded by Iraq, and all operations seized and looted.


1991 -  OBTC reopened in the April of 1991, and expanded its house ware business, alongside concentrating on its foodstuff and disposables divisions.


1991 to Present, OBTC has become the largest importer and distributor in the houseware, kitchenware,household,crystals, tableware, and foodstuff businesses in Kuwait. OBTC also carries prestigious brands in food and other non-food grocery products.