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Household-Kitchenware,Houseware, Glassware Crystals in Kuwait



"Bormioli Rocco" (EU) - A vast range of glassware products such as fancy fruit bowls, tumblers and goblets, ashtrays, cake platters, storage jars, Frigoverre, jugs, icecream cups, tabletop crockery, ice buckets, cruets, vases, etc.




"Camry" (PRC) - A high quality range of weighing scales for commercial and domestic use.





"Curver" (EU) - A category leading brand that represents value, innovation, style and quality. Products include home organizers, refuse bins and containers, cleaning accessories, kitchen and storage wares, laundry and utilities step stools along with products for hardware storage.


  "Duralex" (EU) - A vast range of glassware products of high quality. Duralex carries a range of daily use glasses as well as products for catering and restaurant consumption.  


"Ema" (China) - A branded, quality controlled range of stainless steel glass-free thermos flasks and jugs, along with stainless steel cutlery sets and other steel products.



"Emsa" (Germany) - A strong offering where style meets function. The range includes vacuum jugs and flasks, serving trays and tableware, spice systems and kitchenware, salad accessories along with cookware and bake ware.  


  "Hot Queen" (Taiwan) - High quality insulated food warmers and matching vacuum jugs. A range that is rapidly enhancing.  


"Leifheit" (Germany) - The range includes vacuum jugs, kitchen accessories, house wares, bake wares, cloth dryers, ironing aids and a variety of high quality cleaning tools.



"Lock & Lock" (Korea) - Modern, economical, anti bacterial and unbreakable food storage boxes available in various shapes and sizes. This is a patented product.


  "Luigi Bormioli" (Italy) - A very stylish range of glassware catered to a niche market of trendy consumers.  

  "Mosaic" (Hong Kong) - A wide range of multipurpose doormats comprising of conventional mats, stair mats, semi-circle mats and heavy duty mats.  


"Marinex" (Brazil) – Economical and high quality ovenware, cookware and bake ware, available in various sizes and shapes. Also includes an upscale range of similar products known as Prediletta®


  "Queen Anne" (UK) - An old and prestigious brand of premium quality silverware.  

  "RCR" (Italy) - World famous crystal glassware. A vasts range of goblets, tumblers, vases, ashtrays, candlestands, and many more accessories.  

  "RCR - Capri" (Italy) - The more economical crystal glassware for regular and daily use.  


"RCR - Elite" (Italy) - Trendy and modern crystal accessories such as vases, ashtrays, bowls,etc. to add to the range of tumblers and goblets.


  "RCR - Primavera" (Italy) - A higher end, more subtle range of tumblers and goblets with fewer cuts for a modern user.  

  "RCR - DaVinci (Italy) - High quality crystal glassware for the high end user. There is no compromise.  

  "SRS" (PRC) - A private label, consisting of a wide range of Bone China and Porcelain tea and coffee sets, along with dinner sets. A growing brand with regular new arrivals.  

  "Symphony" (Australia/PRC) - High quality and trendy Porcelain products. Consists of items like platters, bowls, cups, plates, and many more useful and fashionable products.  

  "TVS" (Spain) - A well known brand amongst the non-stick cookware ranges. Premium quality products and reasonable prices.  

  "Vinod" (India) - Quality controlled, stainless steel products catering to every segment of the market. Has items like oval and round platters, tumblers, saucepots and saucepans, etc.  


"Waltherglas" (Germany) - Traditional and trendy styles of glass gift items such as candies, bowls, ashtrays, platters, tiers, etc.




Listed below are the brands of World Kitchen



  "CorningWare" (USA) - A well established and renowned range of tableware products such as casseroles, platters, serving dishes, etc.  

  "Corelle" (USA) - Corresponding range of dinner, lunch and bread plates, bowls, platters,etc. with the designs of CorningWare.  

  "Ekco" (USA) - Adds to the range of kitchenware, consists of  a vast range of kitchen accessories, bakeware, ovenware, etc.  





"XTRA" (PRC) - A quality range of vacuum jugs and flasks available in various sizes and designs. A jug to match every choice.

       "HomeMaker" (PRC) - A vast range of kitchen accessories made under our own private label. This brand has very high quality products!  
    "SOGA"- A very stylish range of decorative glassware items for trendy consumers.  


  "Silica" - High quality decorative glassware items for the high end user.